Staff intranet site complete

A staff intranet is a great way to communicate with your employees online while keeping the information secure.

Colchester-based Horizon Construction asked us to build an intranet so that they could post memos, news, and store insurance documents, company procedures, health and safety policies, holiday forms and the like. It needed to be private, easy to access and simple to maintain.

We tailored a responsive site for them driven by WordPress, with bespoke design that included a set of easy-to-understand icons for the various information groups. The site is accessed via a secure log-in page and the various files are stored on Google Drive. Adding a file to say, the Insurance folder on the drive means it shows up instantly on the listing on the site.

Users don’t require a Google account, and if required, there’s a facility to allow a named user to upload files through the pages on the site. Again, no Google account is required. Using Google Drive in this way means there’s no need to upload files via FTP or to set up links to the files on the site afterward. And with virtually unlimited storage capacity, it’s very expandable, fast and flexible.

Now Horizon’s staff can access files on site, on the road or at home. Could your company benefit from a similar intranet system? Drop us a line and we’ll tell you more…


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