Proofreading for Ferrari

We all make mistakes – which is why proofreading is important. It’s always a good idea to have a proof-reader check your magazine, book, advert or website before they go public. One of our regular proofreading jobs is for the Ferrari Owners’ Club GB. This quarterly magazine is sent out to members across the UK. There’s a lot of submitted copy from members in the magazine, so there’s always a bit of tidying required in order to ensure that everything matches the house style.

It’s so easy to miss errors in print, especially when you’re checking copy you’ve written yourself. If what you’re writing is important, then it’s worth spending a little extra getting it right. If you want, we can edit your copy too, making it more concise, punchy, grammatically correct – and spelt properly! We do this for national magazines – and have done for years – so we’ve plenty of experience.

We’ve yet to experience a Ferrari, however – but there’s a lot of fab pics in the magazines to drool over, which is why it’s one of our favourite proofreading jobs! Sadly, a company car doesn’t come with the job…

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