Bargain business cards – or are they?

January is a slow time for sales – unless you’re in the diet business! Our inbox has been filling up with offers of discount business cards – but are they the bargain they seem?

The latest bargain offer arrived this morning, proudly announcing “50% off” double-sided business cards. Same spec as our most popular line – 400gsm silk laminated – with delivery included, FSC stock. Pretty much identical – except for the price. With the 50% discount, 500 would set you back £62.40 – ours are £50. BUT – our price includes delivery. With this supplier delivery was another £15.  £77.40 plays £50 – I know which I’d choose!

And that’s with 50% discount.  Nice work if you can get it! But seriously, we know everyone likes a bargain – but don’t get taken in. Our retail prices are usually less – much less – than many printers’ trade prices. We know, because we’ve researched an awful lot of them to find the best. Just ask us for a price when you next need business cards – or any print, for that matter. We don’t need a sale to sell them!


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